Modder allows fans to play ‘The Witcher 3’ in first person

Take out contracts in first person

A mod for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt allows fans to play with a first-person camera that “takes into account” mistakes included in previous iterations of similar mods.

Released on Sunday (September 5), the mod – titled ‘First Person Camera Reworked‘ – aims to let players experience The Witcher 3 in first-person. While other mods have done the same thing in the past, creator ExtremeDotneting elaborates that this mod “takes into account the errors” of previous attempts and aims to include a more functional version that feels better to play.

To do so, the mod “makes control more convenient and fixes some problems, such as displaying swords, crossbows, camera shifts during different actions (for example, attack or sprint), [and] use of the Witcher’s instinct”.


The mod page recommends using “FPCR if you want control responsiveness closer to the vanilla version” or Gervant First Person, another FPS mod made around the same time, “for a more complete first-person experience”. It also recommends using Gervant First Person “so that objects near the camera (sword, Roach, NPCs) do not disappear”. To do so, however, any users hoping to run multiple mods will need to have Script Merger installed.

ExtremeDotneting acknowledges the use of other third-party mods to get First Person Camera Reworked working as intended, and also provides a list of instructions on how to get the mod working. Once installed, the mod can be toggled on or off by pressing ‘P’.

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