Monolith hires ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ writer for ‘Wonder Woman’

It will be the writer's first announced AAA game

The Wonder Woman game in the works from developer Monolith Productions has a new senior writer, Jennifer Allaway. 

This was announced in a post by Allaway on her Twitter, where she states “I’m the next Senior Writer working at Monolith Studios on their upcoming Wonder Woman game!!” The post concludes with her saying she “could not be more excited for this next stage in my career!”


What’s perhaps most notable about this is that this will be Allaway’s first time working on an announced AAA project. She was previously working at Hidden Path Entertainment on a new AAA Dungeons & Dragons game, however, there is still no announced title or additional information about the game as of the time of publication.

Wonder Woman was announced late last year at The Game Awards 2021 with a short teaser trailer. It will be the first title from Monolith Productions since 2017’s Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, and much like that game it is also described as a “single player open-world action game”, featuring “an original story set in the DC Universe”.

The standout Nemesis feature will also be making its return, which has the game’s AI learning the traits of the player’s character through interactions. There’s no word on how its implementation will change compared to the Middle-Earth titles.

There is currently no release window for the game or confirmation of which platforms it will be available on. However, Monolith is still hiring up for a good number of key roles, including a lead artist for facial animation, senior software engineers for graphics simulation and audio, senior artists for lighting and concept, and more.

In other news, Vince Gilligan, the creator of the award-winning iconic TV series Breaking Bad, wanted to work with Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar on a game based on the IP.

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