‘Mother 3’ producer wants the game to be localised into English

Known as EarthBound in the West, the last title released in Japan in 1995

Producer on Mother 3 Shinichi Kameoka wants to see the Game Boy Advance game finally have a localised Western release.

Kameoka commented after the recent Nintendo Direct, where it was announced that EarthBound and EarthBound Beginnings (how the Mother series is known in the West) were coming to Nintendo Switch Online.

The producer told Nintendo Everything that like series fans, he would “also love to see Mother 3 released in the US and Europe. As a lover of games, I will continue to wait for Mother 3’s worldwide release [in English].”


He added: “I remember how Mr. [Shigesato] Itoi rewrote all the placeholder text that our staff had put in, and the atmosphere of the game changed completely. That was really eye-opening.”

Mother 3 was released only in Japan in 2006, and the character Lucas was brought over in the Super Smash Bros. series globally. Mother 2 (or EarthBound) was released in the West in 1995, marking the last series entry released outside of Japan.

Plenty of other announcements were made in this month’s Nintendo Direct, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe getting more DLC tracks, a pseudo-sequel to Wii Sports being announced, Metroid Dread now having a free update and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 finally being announced.

The official Nintendo description for the recent Switch Online addition EarthBound reads:

“When a meteorite hits the Earth near to Ness’ house, the brave young man sets off to investigate, but little does he know that he’s about to begin an epic adventure that will change his life… oh, and he might just save the universe in the process!”


In other news, MMO Lost Ark has proved to be a massive success, as the title already has the second-highest Steam concurrent player count and is at the top of the most played list.

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