Multiplayer Convoy mode is now available in ‘American Truck Simulator’

Get in loser. We're transporting goods

SCS Software has released an official multiplayer mode for American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 that allows players to join convoys.

Convoys is a new multiplayer game mode that allows players to host their own private or public sessions. This includes synchronised AI traffic, time, weather, and the ability to take the same job as other players.

The player cap is currently eight, with SCS saying they plan to raise the limit in the future. Even though this is a full release update, it is still work-in-progress, so small groups are currently supported. Session hosts will be automatically made into admins with the ability to control what kind of online environment they have and kick players from sessions.


With the current implementation, players will link up using a server browser that can be filtered. Once in-game, players can communicate using CB Radios, quick replies, or text chat.

In the patch notes listed on Steam, several notable issues and features not yet implemented are listed. These include.

  • Mods in Convoy mode are not supported in the initial release.
  • AI vehicles might disappear when a player disconnects.
  • Lifting bridges are not synchronized. They will be stationary for the initial release of Convoy.
  • When using an owned trailer, there might be a company trailer spawned in the same location you are supposed to go to load your cargo.
  • Steam invites work only through the Steam overlay.
  • CB radio broadcast (hotkey “X”) interferes with the text input line.
  • The on-screen map in Convoy “M” zooms out together with chat scrolling in the Route Advisor.

SCS has also included a system to ensure that if trouble-makers do cause issues or if the server causes an error, players will lose no progress. Players will have the option of reverting their save file to one made before joining the session.

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