‘Natural Instincts’ asks you to protect animals from hunters, cars and bears

Would you be a deer?

Natural Instincts is tasking nature lovers with keeping a variety of wild animals and their environments safe across a variety of informative campaigns.

Currently in early access on Steam, Natural Instincts is a casual top-down simulation where the main goal is to keep a variety of animals safe from harm and help them flourish in their environment. From the Steam page:

“Learn about the different species and protect them and their environment. Keep the dangers away from the animals and help them breed so their packs, colonies, and families can grow.”


To do so, players need to direct animals away from busy roads, hunting parties, rubbish heaps and other dangerous situations. Animals will learn from the decisions you make on their behalf, and players will need to help them make the right choices to stay alive in the fragile ecosystem.

In return for guiding the animals to safety, players will have a chance to learn more about a variety of animals that include “wolves, rabbits or even wild boars”. Multiple campaigns – each featuring “a different species of European forest animal” – will have unique quests, encounters, and the opportunity to observe different animals in their simulated natural environments.

The game is being developed by DreamStorm Studios, who aim to keep the game in early access for “about 1 year” in order to gather feedback and continue working on future content.

Natural Instincts is currently on sale for £6.47 – though the price will increase after full launch – and plans for the future include more campaigns, quests, animals and activities to enjoy.


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