‘NBA 2K22’ shutdown bug may be affecting ‘FIFA 22’, ‘Call Of Duty: Vanguard’ and more

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Microsoft has officially recognised that NBA 2K22 is having issues, but many claim more games are suddenly shutting their Xbox down.

The Microsoft website, at the time of writing, has a ‘limited functionality’ notice next to NBA 2K22, acknowledging both there and on Twitter that the game has been shutting down some Xbox consoles.


A follow-up to the initial notice confirmed that “teams are continuing to investigate reports of consoles powering off or quitting to home while playing NBA 2K22. Please watch for news.” No other games have so far been mentioned by Microsoft, but many of the replies hinted at other games causing the same shutdown to happen.

“Madden 22 does it all the time”, reads one tweet, and another asked, “can you guys fix the Arkham Knight game it does the same thing”. Other games mentioned were FIFA 22, Call Of Duty: Vanguard, and Microsoft Flight Simulator, among others.

News recently broke that a new Seagate storage card could be coming for Xbox Series X|S offering smaller storage capacity at a more affordable price.

If true, then this would prove to be a more affordable alternative to expanding the Xbox Series X|S storage compared to the US$220 / £220 price tag for the current 1TB card made. Storage cards manufactured by official partner Seagate are the only way to expand Xbox Series X|S storage capacity.

In other news, someone has recently demonstrated how you can use an Xbox Kinect to play the Final Fantasy XIV Dancer Job, and it seems to work really well.


Louis ‘Super Louis 64’ Hamilton, a content creator and Final Fantasy XIV player best known for thinking up creative ways to play the game, recently shared his latest idea on Twitter which saw him playing the Dancer Job using an Xbox Kinect.

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