Neo-classic shooter ‘Sol Cresta’ has been delayed

The game was due to be released in December

Sol Cresta, the retro-inspired shoot ‘em up from PlatinumGames, has been delayed until an unspecified date.

The delay was announced during a live stream on Tuesday (via VGC) by creative director Hideki Kamiya.

“Of course, a lot of things come up that you want to do during development and getting those things made, polishing them up and making sure that they’re of the quality that we need is a difficult endeavour,” he explained.


“We really do apologise for delaying the game, but there are some schedule and quality issues that we want to focus on and make sure that everything is right.”

Sol Cresta is a sequel to the 1980 arcade-style shoot ‘em up, Moon Cresta, as well as its 1985 follow-up, Terra Cresta.

“When we started working on Sol Cresta, originally we envisioned a more simple game,” said producer Takahito Washisaka. “With this new entry in the series we wanted to make sure it was at a level of quality for a modern game.”

“It hurts us as well: we don’t want to delay it. But we need to make sure that these elements are high quality because we want to make Sol Cresta the game that we want it to be. So, we’re asking for a bit more of your time and patience.”

Sol Cresta was originally announced on April Fool’s Day in 2020, leading many retro shooter fans to believe it was nothing but a joke. However, PlatinumGames confirmed that it was a real in-development project one year later and is actually the first in a planned retro series.

“This game will also be the first title in PlatinumGames’ new brand, the Neo-Classic Arcade series,” they confirmed earlier this year. “Stay tuned for more games in the series, in which the essential fun and spirit of classic games will be polished with modern technology and skill.”


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