Netflix continues to roll out its mobile gaming service

Italy and Spain get new Netflix games in its mobile app

Online streaming service Netflix has continued its expansion into gaming, rolling out its brand-new mobile gaming service across Italy and Spain.

Last month, Netflix began launching its new gaming service as it allowed Polish users to download two mobile games via its app – Stranger Things 3 and Stranger Things 1984.

Based on the popular TV series, the games were both paid releases on the Android and Apple app stores but were made available for free to Netflix users. Now, after a relatively successful trial, it looks as though Netflix is opening its gaming services in other areas, too.


According to VGC, Netflix opened its gaming service in Italy and Spain on September 28, making both Stranger Things games available via the Netflix app, along with three new titles:

  • Card Blast (by Rogue Games)
  • Shooting Hoops (by Frosty Pop)
  • Teeter Up (by Frosty Pop)

These new titles were also added to the gaming library for users in Poland – bringing the total number of games available on the new service to five.

Of course, Netflix acquired its first games studio – Oxenfree developer, Night School Studio. And while it’s unclear whether Oxenfree will eventually make its way onto Netflix’s gaming service, it looks as though the online streamer is making a clear push into gaming.

“Our members value the variety and quality of our content,” said Netflix when speaking about its push into games earlier this year. “It’s why we’ve continually expanded our offering… So, we’re excited to do more with interactive entertainment.”

Quite how that pans out remains to be seen, but with Netflix continuing to roll out across Europe, it surely won’t be long before we get to see for ourselves.


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