‘New World’ bots have taken over the game, and they love fishing

“I’ll give ya a power cell if you can catch 200 pounds of them critters!”

Bots have been flooding servers for the recently released MMO New World, and it looks like they really love to fish. 

Reported by Icy Veins, players of the Amazon Game Studios title have been taking to Reddit to show videos of hoards of bots just standing around and constantly casting out their rods. If the crowds of in-game characters all standing completely still just to perform a menial task didn’t give it away, maybe this player coming across naked players named Iron 1-10 will.

The problem has become so widespread that some bots seem to be programmed to only catch rare fish, as per the below reddit post.

These bots are only catching rare fish. from newworldgame


This was uploaded by u/MaskedHeroman, who took to the comments to explain why the bots may be able to get away with just catching the rare fish. “The program they are running informs them what fish they will catch from a list,” they explain.

“When they are catching common fish they will immediately break their lines. If it’s a rare fish they all of a sudden sit there and reel it in no problem. This is a similar script to Hacks you’ll see in Tarkov and other looters. Very bad that they are just blatantly doing this.”

Some players have managed to turn the situation on its head and get one up on the bots though, as one player lured a Black Boar to a bot, so it can take them out.

BOT fishing vs Black Boar : 0 – 1 from newworldgame

If that wasn’t weird enough for New World, the terms of use for the game make explicit reference to whether or not servers will be available if the human race ever needs to flee to Mars. Don’t worry, they’ll be there.


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