‘New World’ cracks down on inactive players staying in servers

New AFK systems should help reduce server loads

Amazon Game Studios has updated the away from keyboard detection in New World to prevent players from staying in servers when they aren’t actually playing.

New World has problems with server queue times being too long. While Amazon Game Studios work to fix the issue, some players have found a way to stay on servers when they need to take a break. By tricking the game into thinking they are still active they evade the systems that check if players are away from their keyboard (AFK). This allows them to skip the queue when they want to get back to the game.

This is done by putting something on the W key to trick the game into thinking they are actively pressing the key when they are walking into a wall for hours, or using the default autorun key to stay running. Amazon Game Studios haven’t said how the new detection system would work, but they shared the update in a post.


“We have seen a lot of frustration around individuals who may be artificially remaining active enough in servers to avoid the automatic AFK mitigation that is built into New World. We certainly agree that this is not acceptable behaviour, especially when there are droves of individuals who are waiting patiently to get into a world. We have created a new solution to help us identify and action against bad faith AFK players.”

The post also states that details of the system will not be revealed to try and avoid a potential workaround being discovered by players. However, those playing New World normally will not notice any issues.

“This effort is going to be rolled out over a period of time, so results may not appear immediate, but this is something we are dedicated to bringing online as quickly as we feel comfortable.”

New World‘s developers are still working around the clock to resolve server issues, and hopefully, the AFK changes will help alleviate the strain.

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