‘New World’ dev says exploits have been “very disruptive” to development

Time spent chasing down exploits has affected server balancing

New World game director Scot Lane has discussed the MMO’s rocky post-launch and shared more on how development has been impacted by exploits.

In an interview with PCGamesN, Lane was asked how disruptive recent exploits have been to Amazon Game Studios‘ plans for server balancing.

Lane admitted that “exploits have been very disruptive and we’ve had to put a large amount of our team’s focus into correcting them”.


Lane adds that although “the percentage of players and companies using exploits is extremely small, preventing the exploits – and addressing their consequences – are “both time-consuming tasks”.

New World
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios

Hopefully, disruptive exploits should be having less of an impact on New World, as Amazon Game Studios wants to stop them from getting to live servers in the first place. The studio has added a public test realm (PTR) to the MMO, which will allow players to test patches for bugs and balance issues. Lane adds that his team has also “added more testing resources” to screen patches.

“We’ve made some mistakes by moving too fast and we’re still finding the balance of speed and quality,” explains Lane.

In the same interview, Lane says there are issues with the game’s early and mid-game experience, and wants New World to do a better job of promoting existing end-game content. In the future, fans can expect a slew of quality of life changes and more content for solo-oriented players to enjoy.


In other news, Escape From Tarkov patch 12.12 has arrived with a wipe, implementing heaps of new content to the hardcore shooter. One of these changes involve certain items being banned from the Flea Market, making them much harder to acquire – here’s a full list of the recently-banned Flea Market items.

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