‘New World’ disables “all forms” of wealth transfers to combat gold exploit

This includes sending currency, the guild treasury, and player to player trading

Amazon Game Studios has disabled wealth transfers in New World to combat a gold duplication exploit in the MMO.

The news came to the New World forums yesterday (November 1), as Amazon has said it is “temporarily disabling all forms of wealth transfer between players (ie. sending currency, guild treasury, trading post, player to player trading).”

According to the post, there will be updates once the exploit has been investigated, and also when wealth transfers will be reinstated into the game. The thread on the post explains that punishments will come to players who were involved with the duplication glitch in New World, as bans will be given out to them soon.


One of the community managers in the thread of the post added: “We will have trades off for tonight while we work through and test a fix for the problem. A patch for this issue will be released as soon as possible.”

New World screenshot
New World. Credit: Amazon Studios

Users in the r/newworldgame subreddit have been discussing the news, with some even saying the glitch has been around since the beta. “Exact method was WIDELY reported/discussed on official forums during open and closed betas,” says user anauthor, “I cannot believe AGS let this go live, let alone a month into release.”

New World is still trying to find its legs as an MMO, with other issues like an oversight that allows players to upload HTML code into the chatbox and potentially crash the game emerging recently.

Initially it was just an enlarged image of a sausage in the chat, but putting this code into the chatbox can actually trick players into downloading malware onto their computers as well.


In other news, the Blackreef setting of Deathloop was designed around Scotland and the Faroe islands, according to developer Arkane Studios.