‘New World’ gold cheat fix causes another gold cheat

Too much gold ouroboros

Amazon Game Studios recently removed all wealth transfers in MMO New World to combat a gold duplication cheat in the game, though it seems it’s just caused another one.

Amazon recently removed all forms of gold trading due to a gold duplication glitch which is being investigated, with wealth transfers to be reinstated when the problem is solved. In the meantime, this New World forum thread details how the new gold duplication cheat works.

Player Squinx writes: ”If you start a town upgrade for lifestyle or upgrade your refining station you get the gold for the upgrade in your company bank and the upgrade doesn’t start so you can start every possible upgrade and dupe gold.”


New World
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios

User Kibee says they encountered the same issue, and that disabling the gold transactions was actually the cause of this, adding: “I was just trying to start the city upgrades for my town and didn’t even noticed that they [didn’t] start. Tried it again upon figuring out that we still have no upgrade > no effect. Upon reconnecting to the game or with some time (around 30 minutes) – your company wallet gets the upgrade cost added to it.

Kibee also breaks down the steps for the New World glitch, noting that this “critical economic breaking issue” will be impacting every server in the game, so Amazon Game Studios may need to consider a server wipe.

One community manager responded in the thread to say they’ve seen multiple reports of this new money exploit, and have “escalated” the issue with the games developers.

In other news, both Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 have been delayed by Activision Blizzard amid lawsuits and allegations of harassment at the company. Co-leader of the company Jen Oneal has also stepped down after just two months in the role.