‘New World’ launches free weekend and reveals Rabbit’s Revenge event

'New World' will be free to try until April 11

Amazon Game Studios has launched a free weekend for New World, giving curious players a chance to try the MMO out ahead of its upcoming Rabbits Revenge event.

New World‘s free weekend launched yesterday (April 7) at 6PM BST, and will remain free-to-play until 6PM on April 11.

As noted in a Q&A blog shared by Amazon Game Studios, the free weekend will coincide with a sale that brings the game’s price down by 40 per cent until April 18.


“Players who join in for the Steam Free Weekend will have their progress saved and will be able to pick up where they left off when the weekend ends if they elect to buy New World,” added the blog.

Next week, New World will also celebrate the step into spring with an event called Rabbit’s Revenge.

New World screenshot
New World. Credit: Amazon Studios

“During this event, players can help cull a plague of corrupted rabbits for a chance to earn up to three Diamond Gypsum in loot drops and five luck-increasing consumables daily,” detailed a press release, which also added that players will be able to earn a mystical storage chest for participating.

Back in March, Amazon Game Studios also shared a 2022 roadmap for New World, which detailed new PvP content, another expedition, and much more.

Since then, the Heart Of Madness update has been released – which concluded the MMO’s main storyline with a quest titled The Heart of the Tempest. The update also added the Blunderbuss, a new type of ranged weapon that scales off strength and intelligence stats.


It also brought The Tempest’s Heart, an endgame expedition designed for five level 60 players with gear scores between 550 and 570.

In other news, Activision Blizzard has issued raises and full-time employee status to over 1,000 quality assurance testers – but Raven Software, which is currently in the process of unionising, has been left out.

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