‘New World’ patch adds the Void Gauntlet, new enemies, and more

The latest 'New World' patch is a big one

The latest New World patch has added a new Void Gauntlet weapon, more enemies, and further changes to the world of Aeternum.

Today (November 18), Amazon Game Studios has shared full patch notes for the latest New World update.

The biggest addition to the MMO is the arrival of the Void Gauntlet, a new type of weapon that scales with intelligence and focus. The patch notes suggest that the Void Gauntlet is best used as a “magical damage/support hybrid weapon” and can pair particularly well with the Life Staff.


The Void Gauntlet comes with two weapon mastery trees, Annihilation and Decay. While Annihilation leans into the damage-side of the weapon, the Decay tree is more support-oriented.

It’s likely that New World‘s most recent weapon will come in handy when dealing with the Varangian Knights, a host of new enemies that have arrived in the MMO. These are a group of invaders “currently raiding south-eastern Aeternum”, and there are four types of enemy within the faction.

New World screenshot
New World. Credit: Amazon Studios

Outside of combat, players will find themselves able to get around much faster in New World. Travelling on roads will now give a movement speed bonus of 10 per cent, while players who have enabled PvP will receive a 10 per cent bonus to luck and a 30 per cent bonus to gathering luck.

There’s also new PvP faction missions – Control Points, Intercept, and War Camp Loot. Elements of the main quest have also been changed “to improve the player experience”, with the quests now including “wave encounters, destructible objects, and proximity tracking nodes”.

Behind all of this new content, there’s a large list of bug fixes and balance changes that have been made. While the entire list can be read over at the full New World patch notes, some notable changes include helping stuck enemies escape their environments, stopping them from being killed by players who were pushing them out-of-bounds, and more.


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