‘New World’ patch notes fixes bugs and sets “groundwork” for server transfers

The very first patch for New World has arrived

The very first patch for New World has arrived, fixing a variety of bugs and aiming to tackle players who are circumventing the AFK (away from keyboard) prevention system.

The patch notes share that Amazon Game Studios has “implemented the groundwork for the character service transfer”, which should arrive in full “later this week”.

This patch also makes it harder for AFK players to stay in the server without getting kicked. This involves “additional AFK prevention to ensure players cannot fool the existing system with simulated mouse movement” and lowering the AFK disconnect timer from 25 minutes to 20.


These changes are to stop players from using autorun or other methods to remain in New World servers when they leave their PC, in order to avoid being kicked out and subsequently having to rejoin lengthy server queues when they get back.

In regards to those queues, this patch has added a confirmation screen that will pop up when players try to leave the queue, ensuring that players are less likely to accidentally lose their place in the queue.

Outside of these new additions, the very first patch for New World takes aim at a host of bugs. These include a persistent ‘abandoning event’ notification that would continue infinitely after players left events, as well as problems with players not receiving any money for activity rewards. Other bugs that were causing crashes and lag have also been fixed, with one in particular caused by “New World Twitch integrations”.

There’s also numerous fixes for issues that were locking players out of quest progression, including many problems where completing one quest would lock players out of certain others.


In other news, the future of Panzer Dragoon VR is in jeopardy after false claims that the producer died.

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