‘New World’ patch notes take aim at annoying gold sellers

Gold sellers will have a tougher time trading currency

Patch notes for New World update 1.0.5 have been released, with the MMO’s next update taking aim at players who spam the chat to sell gold.

Update 1.0.5 will launch later today (November 4), and the latest New World patch notes explain what will be changed when it goes live.

First off, the New World patch is making headway against players who sell gold – and those who spam chat channels to advertise the services.


Aside from banning and suspending “many of the reported accounts”, Amazon Game Studios has added restrictions that prevent sellers from simply using new accounts to trade currency. These restrictions remain in place for any accounts below level 10, or anyone account that is less than 72 hours old.

Similarly, the trading post is off-limits for any accounts that don’t complete the “introduction to the trading post” quest.

Outside of this, the New World update will fix an issue where players could duplicate items, as well as patch “the issue of gold duplicating on territory projects we introduced by disabling trading“.

Patch 1.0.5 also reduces the gold cost of respeccing abilities by 60 per cent, while the Azoth cost for respeccing weapon mastery has been reduced by 75 per cent.

It also fixes an issue with some of the perks being broken, with the patch fixing an issue with the resilient perk “that caused this perk to reduce all damage instead of just damage from critical hits”.


There’s also plenty of bug fixes and tweaks to both combat and the Outpost Rush game mode, which can be viewed in the full New World patch notes.

In other news, New World players have discovered surprisingly simple ways to un-ban their own accounts, allowing players to evade suspensions and bans issued by Amazon Game Studios.