‘New World’ player massacres over 1,000 boars to prove how luck works

A drop rate test seems to prove their theory

Although many New World players claim “luck” isn’t working in the game, one player has set out to prove that it’s actually working as intended.

According to Reddit user SkyLineOW, the way New World calculates luck is a little different to how most players expect.

“The thing that is inconsistent across sources is how [percentage] luck works,” they explained. “1000 luck is +1000, sure, but what is +1%? Some sources claim it is 100, others claim 1000.”


The reason this makes such a huge difference is the way those values work when determining loot drops. “The two most popular models of how luck works all agree that loot tables are rolled from 0-100,000ish,” they explain. “Luck adds to your roll. So, if you kill an enemy and roll a natural 40,000 for your loot, having a +1000 luck modifier would add to make your final roll 41,000.”

Obviously, a higher luck roll gives players rarer loot – at least, that’s the theory. Now, SkyLineOW has put that to the test by slaughtering thousands of unsuspecting boars.

“I tracked legendary leather drops from the Strange Boars in northern Edengrove,” they explained. “For my first run, I wore no luck gear nor did I eat luck food. I was running a total of 4,390 luck from trophies (1500), level 200 gathering (2000), and my skinning knife (890). nwdb claims that you need 1150 luck to collect Scarhide/Smoderhide, which therefore follows that you need a roll of 101,150 to drop it. With 4390 luck we are rolling from 4390-104390.”

This would essentially give them a 3.24% chance of getting a legendary hide each kill.

New World screenshot
New World. Credit: Amazon Studios

“I killed 571 boars which resulted in 19 drops for a total quantity of 138 legendary hide (looks like the average is ~7 hide per drop.) The observed proportion yielded a 3.33% drop rate, remarkably close to our hypothesis.”


Of course, they didn’t stop there. Adding a full set of 550+gs skinning luck gear and T5 skinning luck food brought their luck to 9,590 – increasing the hypothetical drop rate to a much higher 8.44%.

“73 dead boars later, I found myself with 43 drops totalling 281 hide (still around 7 hide per drop. Luck doesn’t affect that),” they explained. “This meant an observed drop rate of 7.5%, which is not quite 8.44%.”

Essentially, luck does work in New World – just not the way some players expect. Based on this experiment, an increase of 1% luck adds 100 to your luck roll, not 1,000.

“T5 food, therefore, gives 20% luck and minor trophies give 5% luck each,” they explained. “A fully decked out luck set with minor trophies will give you about an 8% drop rate of legendary mats on t5 nodes. You can apply these boar drop rates to wirefiber, orichalcum, and ironwood trees too as nwdb lists them as having the same required luck (and nwdb has proven to be a reliable source.)”

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