‘New World’ players find alarmingly simple exploit to un-ban themselves

Moving on from gold duplication, 'New World' players can now un-ban their own accounts

New World players have reportedly discovered ways to un-ban any Steam account that has received punishments from Amazon Game Studios, with a developer confirming that a fix is currently being worked on.

As revealed on the New World forums, players can un-ban their account simply by using Steam Family Share. Meanwhile, another bug report states that players can un-ban their own accounts by changing their registered Steam email.

This critical bug allows players who have been banned or suspended by Amazon Game Studios to continue playing without buying another copy of New World. While the specific in-game character will remain banned, the issue means that players who were permanently banned for cheating, toxicity or other offences can un-ban their own Steam account to create fresh characters and potentially continue breaking the terms of service.


Some players have noted in the forums that similar (though not identical) issues with ban evasion were prevalent in New World‘s open beta back in July.

New World campfire
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios

Addressing the bug, a New World developer shared the following:

“Working on this one too. Hope to have a change out soon but it requires work from not just the game team, so there’s a ton of coordination happening to get this one addressed.”

The developer has also shared plans for a PTR (private test realm) for players to “break our future builds”, but admits it “takes a lot of work and the live issues are taking priority right now”.

These issues come just days after Amazon Game Studios disabled wealth transfers to combat a gold duplication bug. Unfortunately, the implemented fix unintentionally added a new way to duplicate gold.


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