‘New World’ server merges are “on the horizon” according to Amazon

Additional scale testing is still required for the feature

According to a New World developer at Amazon Game Studios, world merges are something that the team is considering adding to the MMO.

This comes via a New World forum thread from yesterday (November 6) that asks for world merges due to some content being gated behind server numbers, to which a developer responds: “World merges are on the horizon, but require additional scale testing before we are confident enough to use the tech on the live worlds. As you can imagine given the first few rocky weeks, we are using an overabundance of caution here.

“Keep an eye out in the official news area for an update from our community managers on this in the near future,” they conclude.


New World
New World. Credit: Amazon Games.

As the original post that started off the thread notes, more and more companies are considering transferring to different servers as some are seeing a dwindling population. This is partly because some content is gated behind player numbers, meaning players can’t access it, and server merges would help offset that sort of problem.

A server merge is when multiple MMO servers are joined together to boost their overall player population. World of Warcraft has done it, among many other titles. Despite adding server transfers last month, it looks like there are still plenty of New World servers with smaller numbers.

Exactly how server merging will work, and when it could be coming to New World, remains to be seen.

Elsewhere in New World, the 1.0.5 update has been taking aim at gold sellers who spam the chat to make sales. One action being taken is that new accounts – either under level ten or less than 72 hours old – can’t trade currency, and trading posts are off limits if the account hasn’t completed the “introduction to the trading post” quest.


In other news, Elden Ring pre-orders for both the launch and collectors editions of the title are now available.


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