‘New World’ suffers rollback after accidentally giving players free gold

The MMO accidentally gave some players up to 300,000 in gold

Amazon Game Studio has explained that lengthy downtime and a rollback for EU Central servers on New World was caused by a server-side bug that handed out vast amounts of gold to players.

New World servers in EU Central went down at 2PM GMT on November 24 (thanks, PCGamesN), with the official New World Twitter account announcing servers were back up at 1AM today (November 25).

In a lengthy forum post, Amazon Game Studios has explained why New World servers were down for roughly 13 hours.


“After our patch early this morning, a separate database modification in EU was executed to grant catch up funds for players affected by in-game tax losses since the November feature release. This database change mistakenly granted very large sums not reflective of the intended amounts.”

This issue was first spotted in this forum post, where some players reported waking up to sums of 300,000 gold added to their accounts. Unfortunately, this quickly spiralled into a bigger problem that caused the servers to require downtime, as “many players then spent that money, often buying large amounts of items off the trading post”.

New World bow skills
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios

As explained by a New World developer, the wide-reaching effects of this gold bug meant that a rollback was soon deemed necessary.

“Upon examination, it was clear that there was no clean path to reversing only the players who were granted money, as the secondary effects were widespread and involved many more players and systems. We therefore made the decision to roll back characters, companies and the trading post to 12:45PM CET, which is just before the database modification was implemented.”

The dev also acknowledges an issue caused by the rollback, “where a small number of players who transferred between 12:45PM and 3PM CET are stuck in a “character_restore_failure” state”.


A further update will be reportedly be provided once this has been resolved.

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