‘New World’ Winter Convergence event extended due to popularity

Get the items while you can, "you might not see them again!"

Amazon Game Studios has announced on the New World forums that the Winter Convergence event will be continuing longer than expected.

The Winter Convergence event is underway in New World, and while it was initially intended to end on January 11, it has now been extended.

Amazon said in a post on the forums that “due to the fantastic turnout we’ve seen from this event, we’ve decided to extend it to January 25! Please note that any unopened presents and unused event tokens will disappear at the end of the event, so make sure that you don’t lose out on any potential gifts.


“Additionally, all of the Winter Convergence giveaway items will be available from January 21, 2022, 8:01 AM through January 25, 2022, 7:59 AM. Make sure you grab any items you may have missed out on during this time. You might not see them again!”

The event includes several quests and items exclusive to the Winter Convergence, so New World players will want to use the extra time to ensure they get everything they can from the event.

Amazon recently released experimental features to the New World public test realm. These features include Expedition Mutators that will improve the games endgame content. The mutators “change the familiar by augmenting ‘normal’ and ‘named’ enemies found within expeditions”. Effectively, they change how encounters play out and what players need to do to win, and by using them rewards are better too. New bespoke gear and resources can be found so that players gain better increases to their power level.

In other news, Dying Light 2 will take over 500 hours to complete, according to a tweet from Techland. They helpfully point out that it would take a similar amount of time to walk from Warsaw to Madrid.

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