‘New World’ Winter event gets players to make offerings to a giant Yeti

Do they know it's cryptid time at all?

The upcoming Winter Convergence event in New World has appeared on the PTR (public test realm), giving players a glimpse of how they’ll be celebrating winter in the MMO.

Amazon Game Studios has introduced the Winter Convergence event for testing, turning New World into a winter wonderland. The festive period also comes with the arrival of a Yeti, which the developer explains:

“The holiday of the Winter Convergence has arrived in Aeternum! Marked by the appearance of increased snowfall and Northern Lights in the sky (ala Aurora Borealis) this is a time of duality and dichotomy as the Yeti, the Winter Wanderer, comes to the land. While in the settlements gifts are exchanged to mark the passing of the year, outside the safety of the walls there rages a wintry war between the positive forces of Winter (slumber, perseverance) championed by the Winter Wanderer’s positive side and the negative forces of Winter (death, stagnation) are championed by the Winter Wanderer’s negative side.”


To that end, the blog also explains how the player will be helping out the Yeti – and what they’ll get in return.

“The player takes on the cause of the Winter Wanderer to collect winter tokens from repeatable events across the island, able to turn them in to a Holiday Shop containing rare and cosmetic items. The Winter Wanderer’s positive aspect grows in power with each Token collected and turned in.”

New World new enemy
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios.

Rewards include new armour, weapons, furniture and other cosmetics for players to spend their winter tokens on. There’s also a new “present gifting” emote and some consumables to use, “all themed off the wonderful Aeternum holiday of Winter Convergence”.

This event can be conducted across four new villages across New World, which can be found in Monarch’s Bluffs, Weaver’s Fen, Brightwood and Everfall. Within these villages, lost presents – gained from defeating Frigid Folk – can be returned for more Winter tokens.

Players will also be able to get into the festive spirit by decorating their favourite settlements through seasonal town projects, which will upgrade that settlement’s “tree of light” and issue rewards.


The full list of features – which includes some new side quests and more – can be read on the Steam blog.

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