Neymar arrives in ‘Fortnite’, sporting a robotic cat-suit

It's not the costume we expected

Neymar has arrived in Fortnite as a playable character, with several unlockable outfits and exclusive gear.

Just over a month after being teased by the Fortnite Twitter account, Brazil football legend Neymar has been confirmed for the game’s lineup. Neymar is the first professional athlete to star in the game, available from tomorrow (April 27) for those with a season pass.


Alongside two football kit skins, Fortnite Neymar also appears in a robotic cat-like suit of armour available in two colourways. Neither of his football skins represent his teams – national team Brazil or Paris St. Germain – but are instead independent colour themes.

His gear includes a Jaguar Strike Pickaxe and an Aerial Acrobat Glider along with a new celebration Emote and several quests. The suit, also intended to represent a Jaguar, is a reference to his career on the pitch.

Challenges will be given to players by footballers situated around the Fortnite island available in season six’s battle pass. Upon completion, these challenges will reward players with a selection of Neymar-themed cosmetic items.

A Neymar Jr. Cash Cup tournament will be arriving soon, with a football boot as the top prize trophy.

In other news from Fortnite, Horizon Zero Dawn’s Alloy will soon be arriving. The character’s assets were decrypted on Twitter by a data mining team. The miners discovered mentions of both the skin, and a time limited mode, called “Team Up! Aloy & Lara” which will see players using loot to upgrade any of their weapons to a legendary quality.


The latest update, Fortnite Chapter Two Season Six, changed the game drastically, reverting the map to a more primal state, adding free-roaming creatures including dinosaurs, and the ability to craft upgrades to create “primal” versions of weapons.

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