Nightdive Studios would like to remaster 1998’s ‘Unreal’ after last year’s ‘Quake’

Apparently Cliff Bleszinski had talks with Tim Sweeney about the remaster

Nightdive Studios seems interested in making a remaster of 1998’s Unreal, after the developer remastered Quake last year. 

This comes from Nightdive Studios CEO Stephen Kick, who said that former Epic Games employee Cliff Bleszinski reached out to founder and CEO Tim Sweeney about the project (via PC Gamer).

“After our Quake Remaster [Cliff Bleszinski] reached out to [Tim Sweeney] on our behalf hoping we could give Unreal the same treatment,” said Kick, “and I guess if you want that leave a message to let Tim know.”


Bleszinski then responded by simply saying: “Not saying anything for legal reasons.”

Meanwhile, Sweeney hasn’t said anything about these apparent discussions regarding Unreal as of yet.

The remastered version of Quake released last August, which was developed by Nightdive Studios and included modern system support, improved rendering and both of the game’s mission packs. The port also contained two episodes developed by MachineGames, a previously created one called Dimension Of The Past, and an entirely new one called Dimension Of The Machine.

Whilst we wait for news on Unreal, Nightdive Studios is also currently developing the System Shock remake, and the developer said in February of this year that whilst the game can now be played all the way through, it needs more time to be polished.

“At the time of writing, it’s in a position where the game can essentially be finished from beginning to end!” wrote Nightdive. “What we are currently focusing on is polishing up the levels, and incorporating additional art, animations, and creating a ton of secondary assets that were once far lower in priority.”


In other news, the upcoming Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time remake has been delayed again, with Ubisoft now targeting a post-2023 release. The game was originally announced in 2020, and has seen multiple delays.