Nintendo 64 controllers for the Switch are out of stock until next year

Your palms are safe... for now

The recently released Nintendo 64 controllers for the Nintendo Switch, launched alongside the Nintendo 64 Online games library, has completely ran out of stock.

As spotted by VGC, the US store has an “out of stock” message alongside the controller, and also says that “more controllers will be available in 2022”. The UK store has a similar message that reads “unfortunately this product is currently out of stock, please try again later,” but has no estimate for when they’ll be back in stock.

The Sega Mega Drive controller is still not available at all in the UK store, whilst the US Sega Genesis controller is still available in the US store.


Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Credit: Nintendo

These controllers were announced as part of an expansion for Switch Online, as it now includes both Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive games for an extra cost. The trailer for the expansion pack is now the most disliked video on Nintendo’s YouTube channel, mostly likely due to price of the content, which costs £34.99/ €39.99.

One of the nine available Nintendo 64 titles is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which was recently revealed to have a tech demo with crystals that emulated the portals from Portal, a decade before that game was released.

Programmer Giles Goddard said: Recently I found an old directory of source code that I backed up, and it was the first map of N64 Zelda. I was doing all these experiments like you would have a portal where you could look through, go in and you would be teleported to a different part of the map. You could see through a door to a different part of the map.”

In other news, a streamer who goes by the handles SquidGame and SquidGaming has said that she has lost loads of “amazing” work due to her handle being the same as – and even predating – the hit TV show.

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