Nintendo announces ‘Dragalia Lost’ is shutting down

The campaign wraps up in July

Dragalia Lost, the mobile gacha-game developed by Cygames and published by Nintendo, will be shutting down.

The official Dragalia Lost Twitter account announced the news earlier today (March 22), sharing a blog post that went into more detail about the closure of the game. The blog post offers a message to players of the game, opening by thanking those who played it. “The Dragalia Lost main campaign is scheduled to reach its conclusion in July of 2022 with part two of chapter 26, the final and climactic addition to its long-running story,” reads the blog post.

“After the main campaign has concluded, service for the game itself will come to a close at a later date. Further details on the end-of-service schedule will be provided in a future notification.”


The blog post also notes that the final set of new adventurers will be added as part of a summon showcase scheduled for March 31, 2022. After that point, Dragalia Lost “will not receive any new content updates aside from those for the main campaign and certain quests.” The post also notes that “summon showcases for existing adventurers and dragons, as well as event revivals, will continue to be made available until service has ended.” No specific window was confirmed for when the game would be fully shut down.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad noted that Dragalia Lost joins Dr. Mario World as another game being shut down by Nintendo. “Nintendo has only released one new mobile game in the past two years,” writes Ahmad on Twitter, talking about the Niantic-developed Pikmin Bloom. Ahmad went on to point out how Nintendo generated around £339million ($450million) through its mobile and IP licensing business in 2021. In a separate tweet, Ahamad compared this to Pokémon Go, which generated £906million ($1.2billion) in 2021 on its own.

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