Toru Yamashita confirms Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons have been improved

Drifting should be kept to the race track

Joy-Con drift is a problem for a lot of Nintendo Switch owners, and Nintendo is currently facing a lawsuit over the issue. Nintendo previously stated that the Joy-Con controller had not been updated for the new Switch OLED model, but a new post from the company suggests improvements have been made.

In one of Nintendo’s Ask The Developer posts, deputy general manager Toru Yamashita shed some light on Joy-Con improvements. “We’ve been continuing to make improvements that may not always be visible,” Yamashita said. “the analog-stick parts have continuously been improved since launch, and we are still working on improvements.”

In an attempt to clear up any potential confusion over whether or not the Joy-Cons that come with the new Switch OLED model have been upgraded, Yamashita said: “the Joy-Con controller specifications hadn’t changed in the sense that we didn’t add new features such as new buttons, but the analog sticks in the Joy-Con controllers included with Nintendo Switch – OLED Model are the latest version with all the improvements.”


CREDIT: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Nintendo

Wear and tear on the analog sticks is causing movement not input by players, leading to some games where precision is required becoming unplayable without forking out for expensive repairs or replacements. Apparently, though, some cardboard could offer a cheap and easy fix.

Joy-Con drift has been such a bad issue that the president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, has issued an apology over their rapid deterioration. Hopefully, Joy-Con drift will become a thing of the past as Yamashita said that any improvements made to the inner workings of the Joy-Con controller’s analog sticks are incorporated any time a Joy-Con is repaired or a new Switch or controller is manufactured.

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