Nintendo Direct Mini to air this week

The broadcast will last 25 minutes and focus on third-party titles

Nintendo has announced that a new Nintendo Direct Mini broadcast is coming this week.

Sharing the news on Twitter today (June 27), the company confirmed that the live stream will be a Partner Showcase and it’s set to air tomorrow, June 28.

The Nintendo Direct Mini is scheduled to begin at 2PM BST and 6AM PT and will be approximately 25 minutes long.


Little else is known about the live stream right now, but Nintendo has confirmed that it will focus on “upcoming third-party Nintendo Switch games.”

This means the publisher doesn’t intend on showing games such as the highly-anticipated The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 – which has been delayed until Spring 2023 – or any other Mario, Kirby, and even Bayonetta titles.

Earlier this month, it was rumoured that Nintendo was planning on a new Direct stream for the end of this month. The report came from Sony Santa Monica writer and former games journalist Alanah Pearce who stated that she was told that a new Nintendo Direct would be coming on June 29.

After being asked on her Twitch steam whether a broadcast has already been announced, Pearce said: “No, but I believe there is a Nintendo Direct coming on the 29th… I’m not leaking anything that’s in it, which is what I think is shitty.”

At the time it wasn’t confirmed whether the broadcast would be a normal Direct or a Mini Partner Broadcast. It’s also unclear if the live stream Pearce heard about was this newly confirmed Mini or a different one, but it’s likely to be the same with an altered date considering we’re nearing the end of June.