Nintendo issues warning over fake site that can take purchases

The fake site impersonates Nintendo and says it sells discounted Nintendo Switches

Nintendo has sent out a warning on its Japanese website stating that it will be taking action against a site aiming to impersonate it.

The official statement (which has been edited for clarity from a translation) says that the fake site sells products like the Nintendo Switch at a heavily discounted price.

“We have confirmed the existence of a fake site that impersonates the Nintendo homepage,” the statement begins. “These fake sites have nothing to do with us.”


“The fake site uses our logo illegally and makes it look as if it is operated by us, and our products, like the Nintendo Switch, can be purchased at a discounted price.

Nintendo Switch OLED
Nintendo Switch OLED. Credit: Chris Barraclough.

“If you purchase a product on a fake site, you may be scammed for the fraudulent acquisition of personal information. Please be careful not to mistake it for our website, and do not purchase products from fake websites.”

Nintendo doesn’t provide any other information about the fake site in question, with the company only mentioning that it sells its products at a heavily discounted price.

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