Nintendo Switch Online now has a missions and rewards system

Users can now create custom icons for their account

Points for Nintendo Switch can now be earned via new missions and rewards within Nintendo Switch Online.

Console owners with a Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) subscription can now go to the NSO app and find missions that can be completed for Platinum Points. These points can then be used for exclusive rewards, like new customisable icons.

The missions currently include tasks like “play software that supports online play” and “back up save data”. Points can also be earned from playing classic games, with points being rewarded for playing a NES title. You can find out more about missions and rewards here.


Platinum Points can be redeemed for digital wallpapers, physical items from the My Nintendo Store, or used for creating custom user icons, which is a new feature. Nintendo says “each month will have a different theme and icon elements will be refreshed each week.”

Nintendo Switch Sports
Nintendo Switch Sports. Credit: Nintendo

To obtain physical rewards from the My Nintendo Store, a QR code can be scanned in the Nintendo Switch Online application that will ask users to sign in before taking them to the store on their phones.

Rewards can be for mobile games like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Super Mario Run, or for physical items, many of which can be found here.

Platinum Points can only be awarded for completing missions and used on select rewards, while Gold Points are rewarded for buying games and digital game vouchers. Gold Points can be redeemed for downloadable software on the eShop.

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