Nintendo Switch update finally lets players group games into folders

General Bluetooth improvements also come with the update

The latest update for the Nintendo Switch has added game folders that allow players to group their games however they see fit.

Nintendo released update 14.0.0 yesterday (March 21), and this included the folder grouping feature. Those who leave their Nintendo Switch in sleep mode should see the update automatically installed, and if not the System tab in the console’s settings has an update button to apply it manually.

Up to 100 folders can be created, with a maximum of 200 games per folder. By going to All Software and pressing the L button, players can select a number of games and then name the folder they belong to. This can range from anything like genre, developer, style or even most-played titles.


Nintendo Switch OLED
Nintendo Switch OLED. Credit: Chris Barraclough.

Once created, players can go back to All Software to see their differing groups of games. A short guide on the process can also be found here.

The addition of folders follows another highly-requested update that was recently added to the console by Nintendo, as now players can see which of their friends are online in the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app. That said, invites still can’t be sent in-app, even though the app is used for audio communication in games that support it.

Update 14.0.0 also includes some changes to Bluetooth audio behaviour on the Nintendo Switch, as now both the Switch itself and the audio device can be used to change the volume, and the maximum volume for some Bluetooth devices when using the Switch have also been increased. Volume will also be reduced when pairing a device to reduce sudden loudness whilst playing.

In other gaming news, the next Adventure event in Sea Of Thieves is starting later this week, and it includes sea forts and story developments.