‘No Man’s Sky”s Outlaws update lets players be a space pirate

Improved space combat, unique pirate missions, and more

Hello Games has shown off the Outlaws update coming to No Man’s Sky, bringing in improved space combat and the ability to become a space pirate.

Update 3.85 of No Man’s Sky is available on all platforms today (April 13), and brings in a range of new features. A number of outlaw stations have been introduced, where star systems “have fallen under outlaw control.” In turn, outlaw systems have their own technology merchants, a marketplace for contraband items, and unique mission agents.

With the introduction of outlaw systems to No Man’s Sky also comes a series of new missions, where players can earn rewards such as new titles, or the Shroud Of Freedom hood customisation. Players can also engage in interstellar piracy, which will affect their reputation. To restore your reputation, you can present a forged passport to the station core within any regulated space station. And there are unique, procedurally generated pirate missions as well, that come with highly profitable rewards.


Where February’s No Man’s Sky Sentinel update improved on-the-ground combat, the Outlaws update has improved space combat, by rebalancing the risks and rewards of space combat for challenge, flow, and speed. Destruction effects have had a big overhaul, in an effort to make taking down ships and asteroids more satisfying.

If a player feels like the space combat is still too much for them in No Man’s Sky, then they can recruit roaming pilots into their own squadron to help out too. There’s also a new Starship Combat Auto-Follow option that enables automatic target locking, letting players track enemy ships more easily, while still being able to perform precise adjustments.

Smuggling is also being introduced to No Man’s Sky, where players can purchase contraband goods from outlaw stations, then take them to regulated systems to sell for a big profit. Though to balance this, system authorities might now scan passing ships to check their cargo for illegal goods.

Cloth physics have been improved too, meaning more realistically draping fabrics such as hoods and capes, the latter of which can be fully-customisable at an Appearance Modifier.

There are many more additions as part of this No Man’s Sky update, which you can check out in the patch notes.


In other news, Epic Games has invested in Brazilian developer Aquiris.