Noisy ‘Rust’ DLC adds mobile phones, boom boxes and new dances

Shake off the rust on your dancefloor

The Voice Props Pack DLC (downloadable content) has released on Steam and brings “a selection of audio themed items” to Rust.

Released on Steam yesterday (July 1), the Voice Props Pack adds a variety of items that range from useful to fun.

Players can use brand-new mobile phones to “take calls on the go” or leave voicemails for other players on their server.


Conversations – as well as plenty of other things – can be recorded with new cassette recorders, which produce audio recordings that can be played back through the newly added boom boxes.

These boom boxes will also allow players to “tune in to a selection of internet radio streams or play some deep cuts from the Rust and Chippy soundtracks”.

Megaphones will let users “project your voice across the island”, while microphone stands can be used for shorter range broadcasts. PC Gamer reported that the microphone stand will have two different voice modes – either squeaky or deep – that users can mess around with.

Finally, the DLC will help players set up their very own disco. This includes multiple variants of a disco floor, three new dance gestures and various music lasers.

The Voice Props Pack is available from Steam and is currently on sale for £11.69, 10% down from the standard price of £12.99.


Last month, Rust received a free update that added improvements to AI. The update also added new animals and a ‘contact system’ that should help players work out if a player is a friend or foe much quicker.

Earlier in the year, Rust was released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles for the first time.

In other news, Destiny 2 will begin a ‘Solstice Of Heroes’ event next week that will brings new armour, weapons and cosmetics to Guardians everywhere.