‘OlliOlli World’ receives new cinematic trailer

Absolutely radical dude!

Just two weeks before its official release, OlliOlli World has a new cinematic trailer showing off a radical vibe to the skateboarding world.

With the original game in the series releasing exclusively for the PlayStation Vita back in 2014, the OlliOlli series has come a surprisingly long way. From a simple 2D pixel platformer to the fleshed out world players can experience in the upcoming OlliOlli World, Radlandia has come a long way in just three games.

Publisher Private Division released a new cinematic trailer for the game on its YouTube yesterday (January 25) in the hopes of getting players excited for the new game. While no new gameplay is shown off it does remind potential purchasers of the cosmetic items which will be available to those who pre-order the game.


Anyone who orders the game before its official launch on February 8, will receive a BunnyLord Head, Hero T-Shirt, Hero Skate Deck, Hero Arm Cast and Hero Tattoos as courtesy. These are only cosmetic items and will not affect gameplay.

In NME’s preview of OlliOlli World, Aaron Potter praises how well the game fits in with the series as well as its gameplay mechanics. He says:

“It genuinely is astounding just how well Roll7 has managed to maintain the essence of what made the original OlliOlli games so compelling, while still finding certain areas in which to creatively expand on the formula. This is about as accessible an indie skateboarding game has ever been, offering up enough mechanical depth so that long-time fans will be appeased and yet doubling down on simple button inputs so that newcomers aren’t put off. ”

OlliOlli World launches on February 8 for PCNintendo SwitchPS4PS5Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.


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