Original ‘Metroid Prime’ designer praises remaster despite “fucked up” doors

“It should be played and enjoyed”

One of the original designers behind Metroid Prime has praised the “wonderful” remaster, despite the “fucked up” doors.

Nintendo surprise-released Metroid Prime Remastered yesterday, shortly after it was announced during their Direct Livestream. A physical version will follow on March 3.

Originally released for the GameCube in 2002, Metroid Prime follows armoured bounty hunter Samus Arun as she explores the planet of Tallon IV. As detailed on Nintendo’s storefront, the Switch remaster features “revamped graphics, sound, unlockable art, and updated control schemes,” and allows players to use the game’s original controls or more modern ones.


Metroid fans were obviously surprised by the news, despite reports of Metroid Prime Remastered‘s existence surfacing in both 2021 and 2022.

However Zoid Kirsch, who worked on both Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes as senior gameplay engineer, took to Twitter to complain about one iconic feature the remaster allegedly gets wrong.

“They fucked up the doors in the re-mastered Metroid Prime,” he wrote. “They have the wrong alpha level on the door shields. I tend to be picky about this since I literally spent months working on the doors. This should be fixed.”

He then went on to praise Metroid Prime Remastered as a whole though. ”Following up, the remaster is amazingly well done. The improvements to Samus and the boss models are awesome,” he wrote. “I just noticed this particular change that stood out from the original. It’s still a wonderful re-master and should be played and enjoyed.”

Kirsch isn’t the only game designer to take to social media following a rerelease of an iconic video game in recent weeks. Shortly after GoldenEye 007 was made available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles, original composer Graeme Norgate said it was “sad” that the remasters were outsourced to two different studios.


“You could have got the old team back together for one more gig guys,” he continued. “We wouldn’t have let you down. Labour of loves are always better value than cash for mates.” He went on to guarantee that “the appetite would have been there” for a full remaster.

“Obviously marvelous to see GE007 re-released and I hope people have a lot of fun with it! But yeh, bit shabby all round that we weren’t invited,” added game developer David Doak.

Alongside the news of Metroid Prime Remastered, yesterday’s Nintendo Direct saw the company share a new gameplay trailer for The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom and give Advanced Wars 1+2 a new release date.

Nintendo also confirmed a number of Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles would be available on the Switch, via its expansion pack subscription service, alongside a new steampunk-inspired Professor Layton game.

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