‘Outriders’ developer promises “restoration event” to return lost gear

Many players have lost all of their gear after 80+ hours of play

People Can Fly have promised a “mass restoration event” in Outriders, to give people back gear that they have lost.

Players of Outriders have reported full inventory wipes that are leaving their characters without any gear, with some players being unable to log back in after the wipe.

Posts on the official Outriders reddit show people listing the things they have lost. User ‘Ok_Entertainment_112’ wrote:” Everything gone, 94 hours lost, almost complete build lost, this is a joke. Naked at login, server can’t connect yada yada like everyone else.”


According to Ok_Entertainment_112, the wipe came after they tried to join a Multiplayer Expedition. User ‘Wolphoenix’ also reported losing 80 hours of progress on their main character. Both users report issues with loading back into their characters, effectively locking them out of the character, as well as losing all of their gear.

User ‘Grimmboo’ also posted a clip of trying to connect with their wiped character. On connecting to the game, the character gets booted immediately due to a connection error.

Lost everything. And can’t even load back in. Fuck man. from outriders

Square Enix and People Can Fly’s official response to the bugs has been the promise of a “Restoration” event to return high level gear to players. In the Post Launch Dev News thread, Square Enix rep ‘Thearcan’ has said that the upcoming patch should greatly reduce the occurrences of the bug, before detailing plans for the restoration.

The restoration is planned to be a “one-time event” and will restore “the most valuable tiers of items, e.g. Epics and Legendaries.” The post stresses that restoration will be unlikely to restore an inventory full of blue gear, and that restored items “may not have the exact same stats as lost items”.

Due to the nature of the issue, the rep has said that “while we try our hardest to make things right, we unfortunately cannot make guarantees for the specifics of the above or the timeline of this, as we may run into technical difficulties that delay our work.”


Since the launch of the game, People Can Fly have been attempting to respond to bug reports by users. Prior to launch they outlined their plans for dealing with cheaters, which involved adding a permanent visual watermark to the accounts of players using hacks and cheats.

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