‘Outriders’ New Horizon update brings in ten big changes

New loot, new ways to shoot, and new armour to boot.

Square Enix has revealed what they are calling ten big changes coming to Outriders in its New Horizon update.

Said to target “Endgame 2.0, improved loot, better multiplayer, transmogrification and more!” the update will arrive later this week.

The update, which is free to all players, will include highly requested features such as new appearance options, new content, as well as quality of life features. The game will also change the game’s Endgame, an update the team is calling Endgame 2.0.


Expeditions will feature major changes as part of the new expansion. Firstly, these missions will now no longer feature timers.

“Before the New Horizon update, Expeditions were on a timer – the faster you complete them, the better the reward. Unfortunately, this had the unintended consequence of essentially forcing players into character builds that focus on maximizing damage per second (DPS).

That’s something that ran directly counter to the central idea behind Outriders – that every player should be able to build the character and playstyle that suits them.”

Outriders. Credit: People Can Fly

The rewards for these missions have also been changed so that the rewards for longer missions feel more worth it than those that take less time.

This update will also bring with it four new Expeditions:


“Molten Depths – this sends you to a previously undiscovered power station in Eagle Peaks. It could be a valuable asset, but it’s currently inhabited some… unwanted tenants. Time to give them their eviction notice.

City of Nomads – you’ll meet a character haunted by the sins of his past. Despite his dark history, you decide to help him protect the old Pax village of Uketu Atarah.

The Marshal’s Complex – Grand Marshal Corrigan asks you to reclaim a facility near Deadrock Pass from insurgents. You’ll quickly discover that there’s a lot more to this mission than meets the eye.

The Wellspring – There’s an old Pax legend of a sacred place, where travellers travel far to drop their treasures into deep wells. You decide to find these treasures for yourself, despite a raging storm that seems to be getting worse all the time…”

Legendary items have also been reworked. The drop rates were already increased by 100% in June, but following this update, some Expeditions will give the player a choice of three legendaries, to ensure they get something useful.

Transmogrification, a way to change the look of your armour without changing the stats, has also been added to the game. This won’t cost in-game resources to complete, simply acquiring the item in the game will unlock the transmogrification design.

Outriders. Credit: Square Enix

Other small changes include the ability to skip through the opening sequence and a free legendary item for everyone who logs in before November 30.

Elsewhere, No Man’s Sky is giving players another chance to unlock the Normandy from Mass Effect.

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