Over 20 games announced for the Switch at Indie World Showcase

Several of them will be released later today

On Tuesday (August 18), Nintendo hosted the Indie World Showcase, where it announced a slew of new games headed to its Nintendo Switch platform.

The event played host to the reveal of over 20 upcoming titles, including ports of popular games like the Subnautica series and Torchlight III, as well as a timed-console exclusive titled Bear And Breakfast from Armor Games Studios.

Although a majority of the games will only be released from Fall 2020 onwards, a handful will be available starting today. They include Thunder Lotus’ management sim Spiritfarer, puzzle game Manifold Garden and Nodding Heads Games’ Raji: An Ancient Epic.


Watch the full Indie World Showcase here.


In addition to the impressive lineup of new Switch games, Nintendo also announced during the event that Untitled Goose Game is set to receive a multiplayer mode in a forthcoming update. The two-player co-op mode will be released for free on September 23, with physical versions of the game scheduled for release in the future.

In other Nintendo Switch news, Wii-exclusive The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword might be re-released on the platform, according to a new listing on Amazon UK. However, Nintendo has yet to officially announce the port.


Check out the full list of games and their release dates below.

  • A Short Hike – Arrives today
  • Bear and Breakfast – 2021
  • Card Shark – 2021
  • Evergate – Arrives today
  • Garden Story – 2021
  • Going Under – September 24
  • Gonner2 – Fall 2020
  • Grindstone – Fall 2020
  • Hades – Fall 2020
  • Haven – 2020
  • Hypnospace Outlaw – August 27
  • Inmost – August 21
  • Manifold Garden – Arrives today
  • Raji: An Ancient Epic – Arrives today
  • She Dreams Elsewhere – 2021
  • Spiritfarer – Arrives today
  • Struggling – August 27
  • Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero – 2021
  • Takeshi and Hiroshi – Arrives today
  • The Red Lantern – Fall 2020
  • Torchlight III – Fall 2020

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