“Over 600,000” players recorded on ‘Supraland’ as new sequel details revealed

"I'm making this number up. I have no idea when it's done"

Indie game Supraland has revealed in a post by the developers to have “over 600,000 unique players (plus pirates)” along with a sequel in the works.

Between updates, the tiny Supraland team have upgraded the next DLC to Supraland 1.5 / Six Inches Under, stating it is “Not quite SL2, but way more than a DLC.” This update will be available to play as a public alpha in the second quarter of the year, with the announcement ruling out a finished game anytime soon.

Supraland 1.5 will first be released to Tier 2 crowdfunders, after which it will be released onto Steam in Early Access. The announcement revealed the current state of the game as “pretty much playable from start to finish, but there is a lot to be done”.


“Since we changed plans from DLC to standalone we had to rethink a couple of things. We can’t assume that players know all the abilities, so we had to come up with new ways to introduce them from the ground up. So we’re putting in some small new areas here and there. We also noticed pacing problems that we’re trying to fix and there is small stuff that should be improved around every corner,” the developers added.

Supraland’s devs also announced the pre-production of Supraland 2 – the official and full-sized sequel – is well underway. “I’d love to talk about all the great ideas,” the announcement read, “but that would ruin the surprise party we have planned for you in 2-3 years I guess. I’m making this number up. I have no idea when it’s done. But nothing besides a doc exists yet”.

The announcement finished with a request to fans to weigh in on the name of the sequel, and a call out to FX artists, sound designers, 3D modellers, and voice actors – as they are looking to expand their team.