‘Overwatch 2’ will readjust Mercy’s abilities after controversial changes

It's also revealed that her ability to fly was originally a bug

A new developer blog from Blizzard has revealed that Overwatch 2 will continue making changes to Mercy, following backlash over a previous patch.

At the end of last month, a beta for Overwatch 2 launched with a host of changes to several heroes. As you might expect, some were welcomed, some were less so.

The most controversial change came with healer Mercy and her Guardian Angel ability which at one point allowed players to fly for extended distances – perfect for helping out a player in need.


Following the launch of the latest Overwatch 2 beta, Blizzard has explained the changes made to Mercy in a new developers blog and shared plans to readjust the Guardian Angel ability in a future patch.

“Guardian Angel gives Mercy important mobility that is key to her survivability. Over time, players learned that if you jump during the ability at a specific time, you could launch Mercy up into the air. This is super cool; however, it was completely unintentional. Mercy’s ‘super jump’ was the result of a bug that occurred during Guardian Angel, “but players made it a part of her utility,” started the post.

“We liked the idea of a bug turned into a feature, so the changes to Mercy in this beta were meant to make the super jump more reliable and consistent.”

“We saw some issues with the implementation of this latest version throughout the first week of the beta, so we’ll be changing up the ability in the mid-cycle patch. Our goal with the next change is to give players even more control over Guardian Angel while also increasing its flexibility,” developers continued.

According to devs, after the patch, Guardian Angel will not automatically launch Mercy into the air, but it will now have a meter that charges while the ability is active. When cancelling Guardian Angel with a jump, Mercy will now be launched into the direction she is facing. The more charge she gets during the ability, the more momentum the launch has when she cancels it with a jump.


Elsewhere in the blog, Blizzard has promised to look at the Junker Queen character after complaints the character doesn’t look like her stats suggest. “She’s still early in the testing phase”, said Blizzard. “We’re going to continue to watch how she performs in the beta to prepare her for our launch.“

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