‘Overwatch 2”s Sojourn has a “deep lore connection” in the game

Sojourn will be playable in the game's PvP beta test on April 26 for PC players

Overwatch 2‘s new character Sojourn has a “deep lore connection to the game world”, says Blizzard Entertainment developer.

In a new interview with The Verge, Overwatch 2’s lead hero designer, Geoff Goodman, and art director, Dion Rogers, dived into the creation of the game’s first Black female character, explaining that she plays a vital part in the story of the sequel.

“When we started making this game, we made a pretty detailed history and lore for the world of the game,” Rogers said. “It helps us create [character] designs. The initial group of Overwatch that Sojourn was a part of, was a history that was before the game started.


Overwatch 2 sojourn
Overwatch 2. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

“We created this timeline, and we wanted Sojourn – especially since she’s the first Black female character of the game – to not just be a random addition to the game. She had a deep lore connection to the game world. She moves the storyline forward when she’s introduced.”

On the topic of Sojourn’s presence, Rogers explained how flexible the DPS hero can be, saying, “In our play tests when we play Sojourn she’s the answer. Like if we’re not dealing enough damage, switch to Sojourn and she starts to finish people off. If healers are too protected, switch to Sojourn and she’ll deal with them. There’s a bit of flexibility in her.”

On April 14, Blizzard released the official trailer for Sojourn, which detailed the Canadian’s cybernetic abilities. From the footage, we know that she’ll have a projectile weapon, but she’s described as an all-rounder who also has a ground slide ability and a hitscan. Sojourn will be playable in the upcoming PvP beta test, which starts on April 26 for PC players who can now sign up in advance.

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