‘Overwatch’ heroes Moira, Baptiste, and Sombra receive anniversary skins

'Overwatch' turns five this year

Blizzard Entertainment‘s hero focussed shooter Overwatch is celebrating its fifth Annivesrary this month, and the developer has announced three new Anniversary skins.

Overwatch is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month, and players are now able to get their hands on three exclusive anniversary skins. Baptiste will receive a funky ’70s themed outfit, Moira gets a venus flytrap styled skin, and Sombra gets an understated, stealthy black cat skin.


Alongside these three legendary skins, the anniversary event will see all skins from previous vents unlocked and purchasable with in-game credits.  The only exception to this are limited-time skins such as the Overwatch League MVP skins.

The anniversary is set to run from today (May 18) until June 8, giving players three weeks to purchase any skins they want. More information about the event is set to come soon.

Blizzard have also announced on Twitter that they will be hosting a Developer PVP Livestream for Overwatch 2 on May 20, and have invited fans of the series to send in their questions ahead of time.

Earlier this year, Overwatch 2 received an in-depth preview at BlizzCon 2021 where Blizzard revealed new additions in the sequel, including new maps Rome and New York, changes to tank characters, and the debut of a new co-op mode, Hero Missions.

These co-op missions promise a wealth of changes to the core Overwatch experience, including a range of objectives, dynamic changes to map including sandstorms, blizzards and sunsets.


In a surprise announcement in late April, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan announced that he would be leaving Blizzard Entertainment after working with them for 19 years.

An update on the official Overwatch site explained that Aaron Keller, one of the original team members that helped create Overwatch, will be stepping in to direct the game in Kaplan’s absence.