Unlock an epic ‘Overwatch’ skin through new Symmetra challenge

Players can also earn seven unique sprays and a player icon

Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge, a new Overwatch event that will allow players to earn an epic skin for the titular character.

The new challenge, which runs from November 18 to December 1, will allow players to unlock a total of seven unique sprays, a player icon and the Marammat Symmetra epic skin.

To earn the cosmetics, players will have to win games (in either Quick Play, Competitive Play or Arcade modes) and watch Twitch streamers play Overwatch.


The first three game wins will earn you the player icon, the next three a new spray, and the final three, the epic skin. Meanwhile, the other six sprays can only be unlocked by watching Twitch streams; a total of six hours is required to unlock them all.

Check out an overview of the challenge below.

In addition, Blizzard has released a short story that expands the lore of Symmetra. Titled Stone By Stone and written by award-winning author Christie Golden, the novella follows Symmetra as she “embarks on a journey of understanding, compassion and acceptance”, according to a press release.

The story will also feature an appearance from fellow Overwatch character Zenyatta, in his first encounter with Symmetra, as well as art from French illustrator Nesskain. Read Stone By Stone for free here.


Earlier this month, Blizzard Entertainment President J. Allen Brack spoke about how the company has utilised advancements in machine learning to reduce toxic behaviour in Overwatch during a Fireside Chat.

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