Gaming News

Brawler ‘Rumbleverse’ is shutting down six months after launch

“This is not the last time you’ll hear from us. This is not the last time we’ll invite you to play"

‘Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0’ provides first look at new map Ashika Island

The new map will be available for DMZ matches and the returning Resurgence mode

‘Apex Legends Mobile’ is shutting down

Respawn cited "factors beyond our control" that impacted maintaining a "quality" experience for players

‘Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’ delayed by six weeks

It was originally due to drop on March 17

James Gunn announces slate of new DC movies including ‘Superman Legacy’ movie

The director has a bold and "connected" plan for the DCU

Original ‘Goldeneye 007’ devs hit out at Switch and Xbox re-release

“Labour of loves are always better value than cash for mates”

Warner announces music roleplay ‘Roblox’ game ‘Rhythm City’

The role-playing game will include appearances and performances from Warner Music Group artists

Ubisoft staff take strike action after troubling few weeks at the company

"What we will face in the next 18-24 months will be hard"

Sony halves number of PSVR2 headsets being shipped after disappointing pre-orders

Sony reportedly expects around 1.5million units to ship between this April and March 2024

‘Dead Space’ fans think “indecipherable” in-game message points to future remakes

Text found in a New Game+ log seemingly refers to events in 'Dead Space 2' and '3'