‘Paradise Killer’ dev teases the game’s PS5 release

"Please be excited and stay tuned for more information about Cool Stuff."

According to developer Kaizen Game Works, it looks like Paradise Killer could be coming to the PlayStation 5 soon.

Earlier today (February 3), Gematsu shared a tweet stating that PS5 trophies have been spotted for the action-adventure game. Several of the trophies spotted on Exophase detail a significant number of achievements, including ones such as Collect every shrine tablet, Collect all Island Sequence Mementos, and of course, Obtain all other trophies for the Platinum.

It seems that these trophies are, in fact real, because the Kaizen Game Works itself responded to the discovery, saying: “Please be excited and stay tuned for more information about Cool Stuff.”


The developer didn’t elaborate further, other than a vague confirmation that the investigative game is coming to PlayStation. However, it could be that since the trophies have already been discovered, an announcement and release date for the PS5 version of Paradise Killer could arrive soon.

Additionally, the developer also replied to another fan asking about the possibility of Steam achievements, to which Kaizen said: “We can’t talk about anything else that’s coming just yet but yes, Steam achievements are finally coming. Thank you to everyone (especially the cool kids on the Steam forums) that have waited patiently for them!”

Paradise Killer launched in 2020 for PC and is also available on Nintendo Switch. The game is set on the island named Paradise that regenerates every few millennia. When the Council is murdered and Paradise is killed, it’s up to the “investigation freak” Lady Love Dies to find the culprit.

The player is tasked with finding the killer and building an airtight case against them and will need to take their case to trial and argue their interpretation of the evidence. Only when someone is successfully convicted can the crime be considered solved and Paradise be saved.

Players can gather evidence, speak to a group of unique characters, solve puzzles and build a case to support a conviction.


In other news, Nintendo has reportedly hinted at making its next console backwards compatible.