Paradox Interactive announce new game updates at Paradox Insider Event

'Stellaris', 'Crusader Kings III' and 'Europa Universalis IV' are all getting new content in the coming months

Paradox Interactive revealed a whole host of updates for games such as Crusader Kings III, Stellaris, and Europa Universalis IV during yesterday’s Paradox Insider event.

The Paradox Insider event was streamed on Twitch last night (March 13). During the stream, Paradox announced updates and news for many of their games. A video of the stream is available below.


Medieval Grand Strategy Crusader Kings 3 will be getting its first paid DLC, the Northern Lords Flavour Pack, on March 16.

The pack isn’t a full-sized expansion, and will instead update the Northern Viking kingdoms in a way that makes them feel more unique, with a range of cosmetics and models.

The DLC will be released alongside a free update to Crusader Kings 3 which will add numerous features, including randomised poetry generation and conflict settling duels.

Sci-Fi 4X game Stellaris is also receiving its Nemesis expansion on April 16. This new update will allow players to trigger the late stage crisis events that have previously been reserved for the AI.

Players will need to accrue Menace before they can unlock the Aetherophasic Engine and trigger a doomsday event.


Those who wish to fight for good will be able to take on the role of Galactic Custodian, and use new espionage and covert operations to thwart the advance of evil.

Finally, Europa Universalis IV will be receiving the Leviathan update on March 18. During the stream, it was confirmed that Leviathan would allow players more options to ‘play tall’ – developing their initial territory rather than expanding.

There will also be new diplomacy options, such as the ‘Curry Favor’ action, which will let players gain favours to spend on options such as calling allies to join wars, or damaging relationships with a third party.

Last year, Paradox opened a new studio in Barcelona named Paradox Tinto. The studio will focus on the Europa Universalis franchise. Chief operations officer Charlotta Nilsson said that the opening of Paradox Tinto would allow Paradox to focus on grand strategy titles.