Changes to ‘Phasmophobia’’s AI makes ghosts even more aggressive

You can also now play in Professional Difficulty

A big update to Phasmophobia has arrived, making several changes to AI behaviour and difficulty levels.

The co-op horror game recently received the update of a beta branch, meaning that ghosts in Phasmophobia were generally more responsive – responding to players’ voices directly. This new update fleshes out the AI a little more, significantly increasing the difficulty of the game.

Ghosts in Phasmophobia can now open some doors and lockers during hunts and outside of them. Players can still hold the door to prevent this, but this will not always be successful. The ghosts will also be able to track players around corners, instead of wandering off once it loses sight of them.


Phasmophobia‘s ghost AI will also be upgraded to allow them to pick a location they last saw the player in and thoroughly search, rather than defaulting to a random location when it loses its line of sight. They can also switch targets to follow players closest to them, rather than ignoring easier targets in favour of the one they selected first.

A new Professional Difficulty mode has also been added, meaning the player is told less about the abilities and intentions of the ghosts, alongside various other challenging variables. The power will default to ‘off’ at the start of the game when this mode is enabled.

Several other quality of life updates will be included, with the removal of a few difficult objectives, and a simplification of the sanity system and the impact dead players have on it. The update post details a range of bug fixes in all areas of Phasmophobia, as well as a few accessibility option sliders.