‘Phasmophobia’ developer wants to make the game scarier and harder

More developers mean more spooks

Phasmophobia developers Kinetic Games have stated in a Discord Q&A that the game will receive a difficulty overhaul and rebalance.

Kinetic games took to discord to answer several questions that players had. This comes shortly after the one-person team became multi-person as a new programmer and artist have been hired.

One question answered by the developers was whether there were plans for introducing more challenging content for veteran players who had mastered the games current difficulties.


They answered, stating, “we’re planning to do a large overhaul and re-balance the three difficulty modes soon. We want to make sure the game gets harder in fun ways, instead of the ghost just being able to hunt more”.

In a different anwer, the Phasmophobia devs said that they want to make each ghost scarier in their own way. To achieve this, they hope to add “themed horror” to make each encounter different. They also added that “each ghost could have its own set of ‘scares’ and have its own kill animation/death room to match”.

Kinetic Games also want to add old school scares such as chair rocking on their own, and doors mysteriously slamming. However, they also want to “make sure that scares in Phasmophobia are tense and interesting. We also don’t want to resort to cheap jump scares for the majority of the horror”.

Now that the Phasmophobia team has tripled in size, they intend to alter content releases. Larger content drops will continue at the same rate as they have since the game entered early access, but the quality and scale of the updates will increase. Smaller patches and bug fixes will become more frequent.


Phasmophobia recently released an update containing two new ghosts and improvements to the challenges system.

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