‘Phasmophobia’ is getting two new ghosts

As if the horror game needed to be any scarier

Phasmophobia is getting a bit more scary, with an update set to bring two more ghosts to the horror game.

In its latest development update published on Steam, Kinetic Games revealed that two more ghosts will be arriving in the game with the upcoming 0.6.2 update.

The development update also contains some blurry text in an image that’s been transcribed by PC Gamer:


“[Unclear] constantly sense the living. You can run but you can’t hide […] [unclear] require a lot of energy to form and will move very slowly.”

The ghost names have not yet been revealed, though one starts with the letter M and the other with the letter D.

Phasmophobia. Credit: Kinetic Games

The update also showcases a new layout for the main menu which allows players to create public and private lobbies from the same screen, a new design for the truck, and a new voice chat filter to set what language players speak in lobbies.

Phasmophobia is also getting a new reporting system, which will allow the developers to view reports, bans, use filters, and more. Hopefully, this means that abusive players are banned faster.

On the subject of bans, they will also be tiered depending on offences, so players won’t be banned permanently for doing something lower on the offence scale. However, repeat offences will increase the ban duration, as well as ultimately end up as a permanent ban from multiplayer lobbies.


Phasmophobia. Credit: Kinetic Games

Last month, Kinetic Games released the Phasmophobia VR overhaul update, which sought to improve performance and address bugs. An entirely new VR system was introduced which featured headset support as well as two options for grabbing options, including a toggle and hold option.

In other news, a new Fallout 4 mod recreates the Point Lookout DLC from Fallout 3 with updated visuals.

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